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A True Friend Stabs You From the Front

Guest Post by Anusha Nair (Instagram)

Friendship is the first stage before any other human relationship. A true friend will be your mirror always, regardless of the situation, and who simply tells you straight up that you are wrong and does not fake and sugarcoat the truth.

What Is Friendship or What Makes a True Friendship? the Definition of This Differs From Person to Person.

According, to me friendship is priceless. The moments spent together are the best time spent. Someone who guides and corrects me when I am wrong and doing something stupid in life. Can sit hours chilling and doing crazy stuff together. Can be me around them in my skin. Hypes you to do idiotic things and always the first one to uplift when you are at the lowest and encourages you to capture the world you dream of.

“If Friendship Is Your Weakest Point Then You Are the Strongest Person in the World.”

- Abraham Lincoln

But it’s not easy to find a true friend in this real world. How many of you agree to me?

All of us, at some point, had that one friend who we called best friend, shared the best time of our lives, with someone who we had promised to be best friends forever lifelong. Than later lost that friend for some reason and have hated the term (best friend). So many of us have experienced our most prioritized friend just hurt us in ways we never imagined, has taken advantage of us only to satisfy their needs.

Remember, how our parents noticed and warned us about our fake friends even before we realized. Cause they’ve been through that path. As we all know when we read this, above everything all that our parents wanted is good for us, they didn’t want us to be hurt for being loyal and trusting someone. So, very quickly to all my friends, next time choose your friends in the future wisely.

What Makes a Strong Friendship? Trust Is the Base of a Friendship.

The 3 Fundamental Pillars of True Friendship

  1. Acceptance

  2. Trust

  3. Support

How lucky are those who have a good loyal friend, who makes your life happy with honest feelings? If you have a true friend in your life who devotes their time together, who respects and takes care of you, this is the greatest of all blessings. It’s very essential to have a sense of belonging, to be dependable, a feeling of being valued, and help with developing confidence.

The right friend will encourage you. Even the obstacles and disagreements in friendship will be understood and fixed by the right one. The unfortunate circumstances become less troubling with the support and encouragement of sincere people around you. They may not be able to make things right, but with their supportive attitude, provide your firmness and boldness to face adverse situations.

Some friendships last a lifetime while others are short-lived. To the friend who reminds me, how much he misses out on our friendship. And simply leads me on saying, let’s fix this together!

Now tell me, how many of you would say,

“I Won’t Regret the Time Spent With My Dear Friends.”

Featured Image: Illustration by Stories by Freepik

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