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Case Study: Supreme


Supreme is a street-wear brand that started as a skateboarding shop in New York City in April of 1994. So you might be wondering how a skate-board selling retail shop became one of the premium brand world is craving for. I have done some research I hope you find it interesting too.

The secret behind creating a culture-like feeling:

  • Over 13.9M Instagram followers.

  • Resell at over 1200% of their original price.

  • Founder, James Jebbia, net-worth of over $40M dollars.

One skateboarder retail shop is currently the biggest e-commerce brand world has ever seen! It has grown & continues to grow without spending insane amounts of money on advertising or marketing.

Image source: micro-cdn.sumo.com


The brand produces clothing centered on their ‘Red Box Logo’ which is shockingly simple, has transcended its skateboarding roots, and is fueled by the brand's ability to create desire.

The quantity of stuff they manufacture is inversely proportional to the hype among their fans.

Never make it again, that sells well!

Main focus:

  • A focus on exclusivity.

  • Direct & search traffic as their main traffic drivers.

  • To increase your own following.

  • Product demand.

  • Direct traffic.

Marketing Strategies:

  • No paid search investment.

  • To get groups to promote their products by limiting the supply of their product.

  • Supreme top backlink to get an enormous amount of shares and traffic.

  • Controlled manufacturing.

  • Controlled supply to maintain exclusivity.

  • Secondary resale market.

  • Only 1 retail distributor called Dover Street Market.

  • Just 1 online community

Here’s how Supreme gets most of its web traffic.

Image source: micro-cdn.sumo.com

Largest Supreme fan group & reselling group

When you make things in smaller quantities, it makes people:

  • Feel special.

  • Want to have it more.

  • Increases the uniqueness of the product.

Cop . Flip . Invest. Be a Millionaire

Invest that Rs.1,00,000 each year plus interest of 5.5% p.a., in the next 35 years, one becomes a millionaire.

A documentary quoted Supreme as “Sold Out” as being:

“The chick that gives you her number but never answers your call.”

There are online buying bot websites before the products get sold out!

Sold Out Seconds!

Image source: www.thegeniusworks.com

Supreme makes Rs.9,93,44,700 (10 Crores) on a causal Thursday in 10 minutes.

And yeah, Supreme is not owned by Louis Vuitton : )

Image source: manofmany.com


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