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How to Take Care of Your Fitness During Lockdown

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Let me guess... You woke up on the first day of the year and told yourself "2020 is going to be my year!" igniting that flame in you. You made sure you were hitting the gym more than 3 times a week. You were getting stronger, faster, and just better overall. You could see yourself change in the mirror. The confidence kept building and then BOOM! there comes the announcement to close down the gyms and you started thinking "Well, there goes all my progress."

But what if I told you that you made that judgement too quickly! If you feel gloomy about losing your precious gains, I have got your back on this. I am going to give you just the right knowledge to upgrade your home workout in a way that is as intense as your average gym session. I am also going to provide a FREE SAMPLE WORKOUT at the end which will help you have a fixed workout schedule!

The basic element which made your workouts fun in the iron temple was that you

were able to train your body against a resistance that challenged it. Now you can surely get a pair of dumbbells and add that kind of resistance but hey, let's be honest here, getting your hands on a pair in today's condition is pretty difficult and even if you get it, there is always that risk factor that comes attached to it. But there are numerous other ways you can use to add resistance to your body and get a great workout in.


Now I have had my fair share in the lifting game and I know that your typical 'Gym Bro' does not enjoy bodyweight training and I have had the same opinion unless I tried it and trust me when I say this, IT IS NOT EASY!

Now you can easily add resistance in Body Weight by increasing the Time Under Tension. This basically means that you have to keep your muscle under the tension for a longer time and this drastically increases the intensity.

For Example:

Your typical Body Weight pushup has a one-second descend where your pecs stretch and one second ascends where your pecs squeeze. Now in the modified technique after you have completed the descend, hold your body under the tension for 3 seconds and then ascend or squeeze your pecs! You can use this technique for a number of exercises like the Pullup, Glute bridge, Squat, Bicep curls, and many more! If you can get a maximum of 20 reps then by making this one small change you will start struggling at the 10th rep.


Instagram is flooded with videos of people using water jars as weights. But why would you do anything like that when your simple backpack is literally the only variable set of weights you will need! Backpacks can be used to do almost all the exercises that one can do with the help of equipments.

For example: If you can easily get 3 sets of 15 reps in Bodyweight Squats, load your backpack with 3-4 heavy books or any heavy object lying around in your house. The added weight will provide more resistance and you can then continue your way up to 3 sets of 15 again with that added resistance!

You can add weight to any exercise like Pushups, Pullups, Tricep extensions, etc. You can also do movements like Split Squats and Romanian Deadlifts which are great lower body exercises by using just your regular backpack!


Fitness does not equal to Weight Lifting only. There are many other aspects of physical as well as mental fitness. Try out other forms of fitness like Endurance training, Yoga, and Mobility work. If you are a regular gym bro you very well know the threat lack of mobility poses to an injury. So go ahead and stretch those hips a little, show your lower back some mercy which you torture an awful lot with those Deadlift and Squat sessions. Endurance drills can be really helpful to build your stamina and sweating gives you that boost of endorphins which you get after a heavy weight lifting session.

Some stretches that you must try:

  1. The Pancake stretch

  2. The Split

  3. The Bird Dog Stretch


If any of the above does not excite you, you can just go back to the basics and get your hands on a pair of dumbbells. If you have a terrace space accessible you can even set up a mini-gym over thereby getting your hands on some basic equipment. You can find all the fitness gear like adjustable dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands easily on Amazon.

It is no surprise that the gyms are not opening any time sooner. Working on your fitness when the gyms were open shows discipline but working on it in this situation shows character. So do not give up and make this your year as you promised by working on yourself. Go and sweat it out!

You can download your free workout plan here.

Featured Image: Victor Freitas

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