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Humor - Caretaker of Sanity

Guest Post by Anusha Nair (Instagram)

Humor is a very powerful weapon. In everyone’s life, humor is very necessary at least according to me. And to the ones who think it’s not, read this blog till the end. I’m sure you all may have a different perspective on it.

Humor gives power to many powerless. Humor saves a life, pulls out people from depression, gives many the strength to not give up on various aspects in one’s day to day life, it keeps them motivated with positive thinking, and the list of benefits on having a healthy life goes on. A secret to a healthy joyful life is hidden in the course of laughter.

Laughter is the best medicine!

Laughter, humor & joy are an essential part of life. Laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and increases muscle flexion. It increases the circulation of antibodies in the bloodstream and makes us more resistant to infection. (Everyone can blindly trust these health facts, cause I’ve not discovered them. This research is carried out by well-known scientists and doctors).

The very first thing that nowadays people relate to comedy and humor is stand-up comedians. Any guesses about the real comedians of olden days?

Back then, these real entertainers didn’t have so much fame or respect. They were addressed as jesters or fools. The played a vital role in a king’s life. Their ultimate work was to entertain the king and his courtiers by jokes, acts, and anything that cracks them up and anything that amuses them. The intentions behind this are clear, for some time keep them away from responsibilities and stress. And it creates a positive environment and even helps in better decision making.

Credits: Marcela Rogante from Unsplash

Comedy helps us with

By now we all know, it’s the best medicine to all stress and despair.

Comedy is an excellent remedy for a sense of humiliation.

Being goofy would never hurt. Instead, I believe it helps one in gaining confidence in front of the audience.

A huge part of the humor is picked up from the darkest things in our lives; anxiety, failure, death, but rather than reconciling us to them, it helps us to feel cockily defiant and strong about them.

I have many problems in my life. But my lips don’t know that. They always smile

- Charlie Chaplin

Mr. Bean is well known and loved by all age groups. Many of you wouldn’t even know him by his actual name. It’s extremely tough to make people laugh by presenting them to your foolish & kiddish act. The show also showcases how he brings positivity by his absurd wit and through his obnoxious expressions and his tricks to simplify his daily life tasks which actually makes him seem too lazy on screen. Comic characters always have a different place in our hearts. There are many people out there who are extremely attached to Mr. Bean's character even if it seems flawed but still very cute and loved. For the audience, he is known as a lovable fool. How many of us have seen such idiots or have one lovable fool in our group?

Credits: Johnson Wang from Unsplash

Trying hard to be funny for attention without the funny bone

You know there’s a very thin line in being funny and being mean. Many times people misunderstand being funny is making fun of someone’s disability or failure or passing around mean comments and then in the end just cover it up by saying “I was just joking.” No this doesn’t make you a comedian. Humor has to be others understanding your joke and being amused by it and laugh at it. Of course, without any doubt, a good comic gains attention and makes it a mood for everyone, and never would it be gloomy having them around.

Apart from health benefits, humor has physical benefits too

Humor eases potentially awkward social and cultural interactions. (Imagine how much easier an uncomfortable situation can be when you be mocking around.)

Unsurprisingly, funny people gain attention and admiration.

It’s a desirable aspect and boosts your creative process.

Your capability of creating joyous surroundings, influences who want to date, mate and befriend you.

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor

- Charles Dickens

Cover Image: Bernard Hermant from Unsplash

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