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Life After Lock down: Movies Theaters

Updated: Jul 3, 2020


Life after lockdown will be strange and somewhat like the things we see in fanfictions and post-apocalyptic movies. We will change the way we used to do the most basic and usual things. One such thing is visiting the movie theaters. The first thing to go out with the grand introduction to COVID-19 was the movie theaters and cinemas. This makes us think will people ever visit the theaters again or have they become obsolete? Will the OTT platforms replace the Cinemas? How can they ever come back from this blow?

The Empty Seats

Photo by Felix Mooneeram (Unsplash)

Well, I tried to answer these questions with my amateurish opinions after a completely unprofessional and uncivilized debate with some of my friends.

Movie Theaters and OTT Platforms

I may not be wrong in saying film stars in India are loved more than in any other place in this world and film releases here are celebrated like a festival. The Indian audience dances to songs inside the theaters, they throw coins and flowers during the star's entry.

Scrolling through thousands of titles and still nothing to watch?

Photo by Charles Deluvio (Unsplash)

With all this, I don't think OTT platforms are a threat to the movie theater. Also at the time of me writing this piece, there are five Avatar movies, two mission impossible movies, multiple movies under the Marvel and DC banner, one movie from the James Bond, and Fast and Furious franchise lined up. And here at home, we have our first cinematic universe with Sooryavanshi, our fantasy adventure film in Brahmastra, and a lot more. Movies meant for the theater audience. I mean can you imagine watching a movie like Endgame on your 6-inch screen for the first time, disappointment. And I have never been a big fan of 3-D movies, but I don't think Netflix and Amazon Prime are the best places to get them. And with people not having proper internet for basic online lectures will not have internet for OTT platforms.

Why Starting the Theaters Is Important:

Cinemas and movie theaters were the first to shut with the inception of this lockdown phase and even when things are starting to ease up can imagine yourself entering a dark room with 300-400 strangers and watch a movie like everything is fine? But believe it or not, there are thousands of people depending on us to watch a movie so they can have their livelihood back. India has close to 9600 screens and all of them have been shut for more than 3 months and the entire film industry has suffered a loss of around 1500 crores till now and is expected to suffer a loss of up to 4000 crores, and that's a lot. And if that isn't reason enough we already have three songs from Salman Khan which is three more than required. So getting people back to work safely should also be our top priority.

Read More About this here: Financial Loss to Cinemas

Changes That Come With the Lockdown

Getting the audience back will be one tough task. Theaters will have to change their entire structure and plan so that audience can enjoy the movie without the fear of getting in contact with someone. There will be some small changes like social distancing at the ticket counter, but most people will opt for booking the tickets online or temperature check before entering the theaters. But since we'll all have to follow strict social distancing policy the security check might get easier to avoid the physical contact, it'll be fun to watch people sneak in snacks ( please don't try this). There will be Seat distancing, this is something I came across while researching for the blog, people will have to occupy alternate seats thus reducing the chance of contact. But due to the seat distancing the House will never be full (sorry for that) but no Housefull shows! But I think that's a good thing, we'll never fight for the armrest or see a couple make out. And get used to the smell of sanitizers and staff smiling at you through the masks and protective gears

And yes before the movie starts we'll have some new content COVID-19 advertisements. Goodbye Mukesh! It only took a pandemic to get rid of that ad.

Maybe we'll get 24 /7 open theaters:

Before we were hit with this pandemic, Indian movie theaters had planned to screen Akshay Kumar's Sooryavanshi even after midnight, I was excited to see how things turn out, not good till now. But since the theaters won't be allowed to operate the screens at full capacity and a lot of movies lined up for a release I think we can see a nationwide trend of 24/7 theaters. Maybe 24/7 is a little too far fetched but shows post-midnight are now a huge possibility. Late Night Plans that start with a drive across the city and then a movie where you'll probably sleep. Can't wait to try it out

Read More About this here: 24/7 Theaters in Mumbai

Cinematic Comebacks:

With so many restrictions coming our way there might be a few comebacks: Drive-In Theaters

Miniature Representation of Drive-in Theaters

Photo by Markus Distelrath (Pixabay)

I would love to see them make a comeback. Drive-In theaters were a huge thing back in the days but vanished with time, but now when we just want to stay away from each other I don't see a better time for them to make a comeback and hopefully they stick around even after the pandemic. And small villages can see the rise of touring theaters.

Touring Theater

Image Source: MovieMaker Magazine

One more thing that can make a comeback and would be so much fun to watch is retro Bollywood kissing scene or flowers having the time of their lives.

This would be one of the greatest comebacks

Image Source: Quora


I tried to think of the most basic changes as well as the most bizarre changes that can come to the movie industry. Maybe I have left out a few points you can write it down here or on our social media handles. We'll have to wait for some time to see the changes. Life after lockdown will be something to look forward to hopefully.

Cover Photo by Edwin Hooper (Unsplash)

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