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PS5 Impressions

After a long-awaited arrival of the Playstation 5, it is finally here and. Man, oh man, did Sony just blew everybody’s mind. In March, Sony held a tech-heavy presentation which was to hype up the arrival of the PS5, and what do I tell you? It did its job. Until now the PS5 was a completely unknown product but that tech presentation was keeping the people hyped up. But then Sony came up with this confident presentation that included a lot of gameplay trailers and showcases and they look kinda promising. Let's take a deep dive and unpack this event.

The Design - The Controversial Design

They revealed the design of the new PS5 and the memes have already starting to flood in. Damn the internet is fast. Well, it is a divisive design choice but I personally am BLOWN AWAY. The design looks so futuristic and they matched it to the DualShock controller giving it a Stormtrooper theme. Sony didn’t mention the size, the physical size of the PS5 but the internet detective got to work and it’s kinda big (that’s what she said). It’s got a couple of USB ports in the front one standard and another type C. There are going to be two versions of the PS5: The regular PS5 with optical disc and a digital version. The Playstation is going to be expensive, so it’s nice that they are providing a digital option that will bring down the price as there is no need for an optical drive in there. The digital version does look more elegant and symmetric.

The Tech

"The storage architecture in the PS5 is far ahead of anything you can buy on a PC for any amount of money right now"- Tim Sweeny

The tech built into the PS5 is a big upgrade from the PS4. It’s all solid-state drive which is 100 times faster than the previous PS4 storage with transfer speeds of 5.5 GB/sec. What this means is the games will load much faster. You might even need to slow down certain elements of the gameplay for the players. It has two 8 core zen CPUs that run at variable frequency. It is an interesting approach to improve efficiency and consistent power delivery. Same is the case with GPUs, it is running an RDNA2 architecture from AMD which is… GREAT as it supports ray-tracing which makes the games look more realistic with all the shadows and object interactions. If you compare the PS5 directly against the Xbox Series X then it might seem that PS5 is less powerful as it has 36 CUs as compared to 52 CUs of Xbox. But Sony claims that each of its CUs have 62% more transistor count so it roughly equates to 2X performance from each compute unit which makes it to a total of 56 CU.

Game Titles

The PS5 is going to be backward compatible. We don’t know yet if the entire catalog of the PS4 is supported or not but fingers crossed. There are tons of games coming to PS5. Sony showed a lot of gameplay trailers in their presentation.

  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla

  • NBA 2K21

  • Grand Theft Auto V

  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales

  • Gran Turismo 7

  • Project Athia

  • Godfall

  • Hitman III

I am very excited about Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Gran Turismo 7. Spider-Man is set for a 2020 holiday release which is presumed sequel to Spider-Man.

Overall from what was revealed, I am excited about better looking more realistic games and also some newer titles that Sony is trying out. The PS5 looks promising. Tell me in the comments below what titles are you guys the most excited about and if you have a PS4 would you upgrade to the PS5 on the first day itself. Thanks for reading.

Link to the tech presentation by Mark Cerny - https://youtu.be/ph8LyNIT9sg

All Image Credits: PlayStation Website

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